About us.

SKILLS Crowd Management is your ever-reliable partner in the field of Crowd Management & Event Safety.

Our mission is to ensure all visitors enjoy events in a safe and well-organized manner.

The visitor is always our key focus. Thorough risk assessment, good planning, safe environments, effective organization and good communication are all indispensable parts of the visitor experience and thereof, a successful event.

SKILLS Crowd Management is an independent part of The Support Group. If desired, one can tap into the expertise of any of the other parts within the Support Group- such as Decor design, Food & Beverage, Event Crew and production.


Live events cannot exist if permits, safety, health and mobility are not scientifically and properly arranged. Our experienced “Crowd Management Professionals” guide your event through these essential duties, from start to end.

SKILLS Crowd Management can help with specific parts of your event or take care of the entire process- from permit applications to security; first aid deployment to mobility plans and clear signage; to developing emergency scenarios and preparing the staff for them.

In case of an international request for help, SKILLS offers support to local event or project managers of large-scale public events. We delve deep into understanding the local laws. The local knowledge of legislation and regulations, as well as operational knowledge and experience in the field of Crowd Management & Event Safety, is a perfect combination.


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